Exclusive Interview: Nynke Kay Eggen

We have a chat with the founder of ‘The Sustainability Club’ which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is on a journey to implement more sustainable practices for fashion brands.

Could you briefly explain the concept behind The Sustainability Club?

The Sustainability Club started out as a development studio for sustainable fashion. We develop sustainable products for fashion brands that care. We source for responsible manufacturing partners and sustainable materials. We design and develop products and we advise on sustainability and CSR. We are now expanding into a group of sustainability experts with different backgrounds, who are all committed to change the fashion industry. We offer guidance for fashion brands, on many different levels, to implement more sustainable practices into their company.

What are some of the harsh practices that the fashion industry has been adopting over the last couple of years? 

What I think is the most shocking and unfair practice that we have seen at a large scale during the pandemic, is the refusal of fashion brands to pay their suppliers for the garments that have already (partially) been manufactured. During the outbreak of COVID-19 retailers saw their sales decline and in response they cancelled orders at their manufacturers. In many cases these products had already been made or the fabrics had already been ordered by the manufacturer. This puts the manufacturer at financial peril and their workers are at risk of losing their jobs.

Being the founder of a sustainable brand, are there any public figures that have inspired you in this sector or anyone you know that is making a conscious change?

I love the work of zero waste Daniel. He is a Brooklyn based designer that is making really cool garments out of tiny scraps of leftover fabrics. He is really turning it into an art and into something with a fashion appeal.

I came across the natural dyes process that you create, such as the dye made from avocado, do you host classes or conduct workshops for this?

No, I don’t! Good idea though 😉

On my Instagram highlights and on my website I do have a step-by-step guide on how to dye with avocado pits.

What are some of the hurdles you’ve faced in the process of choosing sustainable options according to the companies needs?

Availability can be a hurdle. Sometimes high order volumes are required, this can pose a problem for smaller brands. Or in the case of newly developed materials, they are sometimes not yet commercially available. Another thing that can be difficult to source sustainably are accessories, like the metal components of bags for example.

Are there any recent innovations that you’ve been able to implement during this pandemic?

For me not really innovations, but I have experienced a change in mindset in the people that I work with during the pandemic. People are more open, more willing to help each other and to collaborate. I think that is a kind of human innovation that has developed during the pandemic.

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