Exclusive Interview: Renwick Watts

The Founder of Golden Grind and I have a chat regarding the importance of gut health and how his brand is helping implement the necessary changes we all need regarding health. Based in Australia, Renwick talks about the magic spice that has changed the lives of many.

Could you briefly explain the concept behind Golden Grind and tell us about some of the key products you sell?

Golden Grind celebrates the wonders of Turmeric, a wonder spice that has helped millions of people. We set out to educate on and provide people with ways in which to incorporate this super spice into your daily routine. We launched in 2015 with the first to market Hero “Turmeric Latte Blend.” We have since launched a skincare range along with supplements for convenience. 

As turmeric is a key ingredient in most of your products, what are some of the health benefits according to you of this yellow spice?

Turmeric has many health benefits like helping with digestion, boosting immunity, helping skin and giving you a great dose of antioxidants. Although the most celebrated benefit would be reducing inflammation. Inflammation in the body causes 90% of diseases and hence, helping to combat inflammation is very important. 

Have you noticed a shift in people making conscious decisions towards healthier eating habits ?

Absolutely. People are healthier now more than ever. The rise in: sugar free, veganism, fastings, etc all great examples of this but also people believe now, more than ever, that good diet and healthy eating can make you feel and perform better.

Do you have any statistics on how many people this has reached approximately? 

Great question. Since launching in 2015, Golden Grind has  sold in Australia, UK, NZ and the US and has probably reached hundreds of thousands of people whether been via retail, online via social media or events that we have been a part of, in a cafe or others. 

What are some of the hurdles you’ve faced in the process of trying to get the word out there?

Golden Grind is a family run business that has been funded by us without big marketing budgets. We have bootstrapped the whole business and so we have had to be strategic with how we get the word out there. Happy customer testimonials have worked best for us at overcoming this. 

Are there any recent innovations that you’ve been able to implement during this pandemic?

We were very lucky that we have health products that are accessible online and so we did see an actual increase in sales. These recent global changes have also definitely given us time to reflect and focus on other ways our brand / products can help people’s health. We actually have some very exciting NPD launching later this year so watch this space. 

Any tips on how our audience can make small changes in their lifestyle with Golden grind?

We created Golden Grind so that everyday people could include Turmeric and other wonderful ingredients into their day, everyday. Why don’t you try something as simple as taking our supplements daily or adding a scoop of our all-in-one blend to their smoothie. 

Let us know your websites and social media handles so our audience can get to know more about your project.



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