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Akshay Harikumar – Founder, Wenergie

With Bangalore, India slowly gaining popularity in the field of Solar Energy, we had a chat with Akshay, 29, founder of Wenergie, who live by the motto of ‘Power to the People.’ and while they do so, they’re making sure it’s a renewable source too. Millennial Dollar stories delves into some of the challenges and… Read more Akshay Harikumar – Founder, Wenergie

Exclusive Interview: Quentin Crouslé

Could you briefly explain the concept behind Cupko and how have you managed to implement the circular economy model? The idea is to replace single-use cups and beer cans by reusable & customizable cups. We’re provide them at events, venues and even breweries or restaurants. On an event, we usually add a $2 deposit on… Read more Exclusive Interview: Quentin Crouslé

Exclusive Interview: Loes Kuiper

I have a chat with ethical and sustainable freelance designer, Loes Kuiper who’s 33 years old and has set up her own fashion consultancy service by helping brands take conscious decisions in lowering their carbon footprint. Could you briefly explain the concept behind Designlab LK? Designlab Lk is a freelance fashion & print design studio.… Read more Exclusive Interview: Loes Kuiper

Exclusive Interview: Renwick Watts

The Founder of Golden Grind and I have a chat regarding the importance of gut health and how his brand is helping implement the necessary changes we all need regarding health. Based in Australia, Renwick talks about the magic spice that has changed the lives of many. Could you briefly explain the concept behind Golden… Read more Exclusive Interview: Renwick Watts

Exclusive Interview: Nynke Kay Eggen

We have a chat with the founder of ‘The Sustainability Club’ which is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands and is on a journey to implement more sustainable practices for fashion brands. Could you briefly explain the concept behind The Sustainability Club? The Sustainability Club started out as a development studio for sustainable fashion. We develop sustainable… Read more Exclusive Interview: Nynke Kay Eggen

Exclusive Interview: Frankie Marazzo

As I have a chat with the Co-Founder of Infiniddy, who’s based in Nashville, Tennessy. We understand the environmental impact of non-renewable straws and how he has stepped in to change this problem along with his co-founder. Could you briefly explain the concept behind Infiniddy? Infiniddy is a play off the word Infinity and our… Read more Exclusive Interview: Frankie Marazzo

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