Exclusive Interview: Frankie Marazzo

As I have a chat with the Co-Founder of Infiniddy, who’s based in Nashville, Tennessy. We understand the environmental impact of non-renewable straws and how he has stepped in to change this problem along with his co-founder.

Could you briefly explain the concept behind Infiniddy?

Infiniddy is a play off the word Infinity and our goal here was to emphasize the infinite beauty and wisdom that nature gives to us.  This is why we work so hard to spread awareness about protecting nature because we feel our society has begun to devalue it. Infiniddy is our attempt to get back to nature and remember how valuable it truly is for all of us.

What are some of the dangers that non-reusable straws or single use straws impose on our planet earth?

Single use straws have posed a huge threat to our wildlife and have become a massive problem.  It is estimated that they can take up to 200 years to decompose, and in the meantime, they get tossed into dumps or end up in the ocean.  Unfortunately, many animals such as turtles end up eating these plastic straws because they cannot tell the difference between plastic and food.  Eating plastic has a plethora of negative effects for these animals and can eventually lead to killing them if enough is ingested.

Being the founder of a zero-waste label, are there any public figures that have inspired you in this sector or anyone you know that is making a conscious change?

Rachel Carson was probably one of the first authors I read and is cited as one of the catalysts for the environmental movement.  All her books are incredibly insightful for anyone who would like to further their knowledge on environmental issues.  Some other influences are Henry David Thoreau and John Muir.  Although they have both died, I think their teachings are highly valuable and incredibly useful in terms of why we should care about nature.

Are there any approximate statistics on how many people this has reached so far?

Our social media handles have around 1300 followers and our ads have been viewed approximately 2000 times.  Outside of this, it is hard to measure word of mouth, but I have a very big family and know that they tell just about everybody they know about us.

What are some of the hurdles you have faced in the process of convincing everyone out there on the importance of reusable straws?

One big backlash that I have seen is people saying that other people just should not use a straw at all.  While I can’t argue that and for many people, I think this is fair, I think a lot of others find a straw really convenient, especially during this pandemic where it provides ease of access under a mask.  The way I see it is that straws have become such a staple for many drinks and I don’t see people just doing away with it, so our goal is to work with what people want and to provide a safer alternative.  Another thing that people say is that they must not be cleanly if it is reusable.  Fortunately, we include 3 straw cleaners in our package that are very simple to use and all our straws are dishwasher friendly as well!

Are there any recent innovations that you have been able to implement during this pandemic?

Yes, we have really been trying to utilize this down time as much as possible.  Our website is in progress which is exciting because we are going to have a blog on there to discuss environmental issues and possible solutions.  We have also been trying to network more and connect with similar brands and companies that have a mission aligned with ours.  We are currently working on expanding our product.  My sister is a very talented artist and now we are working on a collaboration where she makes custom tumblers that come with our reusable straws.  I am really excited for this because our straws were originally designed to fit any size tumbler and this new idea will help launch our initiative to the next level.  I’m also a huge art proponent myself so to be able to combine our passion for environmentalism with art is something I’m proud to be a part of.

Let us know your websites and social media handles so our audience can get to know more about your concept?

Our Instagram and twitter accounts are @Infiniddy and facebook is Infiniddy LLC.  Our website Infiniddy.com is still in progress but hopefully will be finished in the next few weeks!

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